FWN’s 10th Annual Filipina Leadership Summit: "Global Filipina Women: Power & Influence" A Learning Journey To Filipina Global Power

The annual summit is more than a field trip, symposium or forum. It is a Learning Journey - which immerses us in the reality – and long-range implications – of the politics of developing our career portfolio. These experiences enable us to deepen, accelerate, and internalize our own learning about the business of how to get ahead, assess our current career situation or business, how to advocate for what we want, and understanding the issues that influence Filipina women globally.

Learning Journeys reflect our conviction that the most powerful learning occurs through interaction and sharing of experiences, not from books or speeches. 

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.”  - John LeCarre

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Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal

FWN100 '09

Psychotherapist and Professor
Greater Echo Elysian Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles
(former) Chair, Filipino American Democratic Caucus

Joselyn has been a community activist since her high school days, a passion she shared with her mother, Remedios Geaga, who was a relentless advocate for the advancement of Filipinos in all walk of life and active in local politics. Joselyn has been a teacher all her life, sharing her knowledge with students and clients, especially high-risk adolescents of color. She has played a key role in the establishment of the historic Filipino Town of Los Angeles, and has invested personally in real estate in this once-depressed area of downtown Los Angeles. She continues to teach and practice as a psychotherapist in the city. She has delivered talks and written in professional journals on psychotherapeutic studies among minorities in the U.S.